Watch the latest session of the Disability Filibuster

Watch our February 19 filibuster on the Legislative Committee Report on MAiD that was just released.

Welcome to the Disability Filibuster.

This is a place for people with disabilities who believe that we are entitled to live good lives – lives in which we are valued, supported, respected and equal under the law.
It is a place where we honour our struggles, celebrate disability cultures and together do the hard work that solidarity and survival demand.
We are located on the lands known as Canada, although the injustices that we resist threaten the lives and dignity of people with disabilities around the globe.
If you wish to join our efforts, or simply learn more, you are welcome here.

Land Acknowledgement

The Disability Filibuster is a virtual gathering space that engages people from coast to coast to coast through the lands known as Canada, ancestral homeplace of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples from across Turtle Island. Many of us who lead and support the Disability Filibuster have personal and family histories in colonialism and white supremacy; others are descendents of slavery and forced migration. We are grateful for the opportunity to live and work and meet one another across these lands, and to build relationships founded in decency and trust. We respect the teachings of our Indigenous Knowledge Keepers and will not shirk from our responsibility to be vigilant and diligent in practices of reconciliation and solidarity.