Essays, Articles and Podcasts about the Disability Filibuster

May 31, 2021 – The Disability Filibuster and what accessibility is and is not

  • Published in The Nova Scotia Advocate, this essay by Gabrielle Peters lays out the existential threat that Bill C7 presented, and details how the Disability Filibuster rose to the challenge with a radical conception of “crip space”, prioritizing a commitment to access “across bodies, boundaries and borders”.

May 18, 2021 – A new wave of anti-ableist and anti-eugenics organizing in Canada

  • In this episode of Talking Radical radio, Scott Neigh interviews Quin Lawrence and Catherine Frazee about Bill C7, the Disability Filibuster, and the ongoing struggle to combat ableism and a resurgent eugenic wave. Host Scott Neigh introduces the discussion in the following terms: “…in a society that is organized in ways that actively amplify the suffering of disabled people, Bill C-7 was a measure that responded to that suffering by making it easier for disabled people to die”

October 15, 2021 – Fighting MAiD: A conversation with Q Lawrence on the Subject of Bill C-7 and the Disability Filibuster

  • Originally published in BlackFlash Magazine, multidisciplinary artist Kay Slater reports on a robust conversation with Q Lawrence from the Disability Filibuster team. The transcript of their interview is reproduced in its entirety, and covers, among other things “how this collectively held space was built on a foundation laid down by many before [us] and by those who continue to defend and celebrate disabled lives and culture, and how its success could shape the future as we all work to support each other in the face of still more adversity, and beyond this devastating bill.”

April 10, 2021 – Interview with Quin Lawrence about the Disability Filibuster and Bill C7

  • This interview with team member Quin Lawrence first aired on CITR FM radio covers the origins and rationale for the Disability Filibuster and our ongoing efforts to oppose eugenic state policy.

August 12, 2021 – MAID in Canada: a radical response to changes in medically assisted dying

  • Written by Aislinn Thomas and with poetry by Jane Shi, this essay published in Artseverywhere investigates the origins, underpinnings and implications of Bill C-7, and situates the Disability Filibuster as an expression of Crip Culture that permitted us to “create a public record of our opposition and bear witness as Bill C-7 was further fast-tracked into legislation”.
News reports about the Disability Filibuster

March 10, 2021 – ‘Disability Filibuster’ against Bill C-7 goes on despite being Zoom-bombing with graphic images

  •   A detailed CTV news report by Jeremiah Rodriguez describing the commitments and context for the Disability Filibuster and quoting from multiple Filibuster participants

March 8, 2021 – Online ‘Disability Filibuster’ aims to compel MPs to rethink assisted dying bill

  • A City News article by John Ackermann and Kathryn Tindale featuring an interview with Filibuster team member Quin Lawrence
Announcements and statements of support

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